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About Blackduck Builders

Black Duck Builders….where does the name “Black Duck” come from, anyway? It comes from an honest, humble, northern Minnesota town that Chris Steinke visited years ago. Chris is one of the founders of Black Duck Builders, and when he and Vaughan French were trying to think of a unique, solid name for their business, they felt that the values they wanted to exhibit through their company were a direct correlation to the small town in northern Minnesota, where a man’s word has integrity, and no job is done until the customer is happy.

While both Vaughan and Chris each have at least 20 years of experience in construction, they decided to team up in 1999, where they could learn from each other’s various experiences and form a successful unison. Chris had been a manager for Keystone for more than 15 years, and Vaughan had extensive experience in construction management. They had both also spent their “younger” year (summers) working as construction workers while in college and between ski seasons. They have had great success together, mainly because of referrals from their customers and repeat business.

To this day, they still create their own bids, trying to offer the most value to their customers, and they also scrutinize each invoice for accuracy before it is presented. They feel this, in addition to their excellent on-site service, offers a personal touch to their customers because they know exactly what they have discussed with each customer, what has occurred on the job site, and what the customer is expecting for total satisfaction. And to make it a “family affair”, both of their wives Vaughan/Angie, Chris/Amy, roll-up their sleeves and help with construction clean-up, keeping their books, and fielding phone calls whenever possible.

Vaughan and Chris are also proud of their employees. They employ only quality personnel, who have construction experience. They also try to mentor a few college students each year, making sure they have an experienced employee with them at all times. This helps them give experience to up-and-coming young people while building their staff base. You can feel confident that you will get quality work from any team they send to your job site or home remodel.

We at Black Duck Builders are thankful for every opportunity we are given to prove our integrity, quality, and honesty in doing business. No job is complete until our customer is happy. We are members of the Better Business Bureau and have an extensive reference list available. Please contact us, either by phone or e-mail, and we will be happy to do a bid, provide references, or just help you decide which direction you’d like to head in remodeling/enhancing your mountain home. Please check out the “Our Work” page on this web-site for pictures of our work.

Vaughan and Angie French
Chris and Amy Steinke


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